Xmartlabs is a product development firm that caters the demands of high-growth startups and forward-thinking companies aiming to build transformational, mobile-first software products. We follow a lightweight process guided by agile principles to foster collaboration and flexibility. Our team is distributed between San Francisco, Los Angeles and Montevideo. We embrace an Open Source ethos and our technology stack includes iOS, Android, Ruby & JavaScript. All of the reasons mentioned above have played a role in getting us a prestigious spot in this year’s Clutch 1000 list! This exclusive list features the top 1000 companies with the highest ability to deliver. These were evaluated based on verified client ratings and reviews, quality of work, types of clients, and market presence. We’ve appeared on several of Clutch’s directories and leaders matrices as a leader in the industry, including the Top Mobile App Development Companies, for example.

We’re also very excited to have been included in Clutch’s sister research platform, The Manifest, on their list of Top App Developers in Latin America. Both platforms provide the most up-to-date data, and verified client ratings and reviews on regional technology development B2B service providers.

Check out some excerpts of our verified and stellar 5-star client reviews below:

  • “My product wouldn’t be where it is without Xmartlabs. They have the expertise to actually bring my idea to life. I’m not a technical expert, so they explain everything to me and really guide me through the more complex parts…. They’re pretty amazing. They’ve gone out of their way to learn about my project, and make sure the right people are working on it. They’re based in Uruguay. I moved down there to build the software, and they treat me like family. I’ve gained a lot of insight from them about my product. They ask good questions, and challenge me to use my knowledge.” CEO, Jobs Restaurant Board.
  • “Some of our concepts were in the identity space and weren’t common in typical app development projects. The team leveraged their expertise to learn new things quickly. They were also helpful with the overall process and sprint planning.” Former VP, Digital Identity Platform
  • “They produced a high-quality code. Initially, I had to do everything myself, so they were a tremendous help. They treated me like a member of their team rather than a customer, which was extremely valuable to me.” Founder, Xapnik
  • “If something was outside the scope of the product, like a build tool that would help us speed up our development or a test we needed to integrate, they seemed to be very on top of the best practices, and they worked well with our existing engineering team on integrating those things.” CEO, Housing App
  • “Xmartlabs solved a lot of difficult problems with our platform. They put their best workers on our project, including one of their founders who’s incredibly talented. They were invested in our company and wanted to see the product succeed.” CTO, Nobly POS

This 2018 inclusion would not have been possible without our great clients who took the time to provide their reviews over the phone to Clutch’s analysts. We appreciate their disposition to do so! Moving on, we’re excited to begin new product development collaborations with innovative companies from around the world. Your product development will be in good hands with Xmartlabs!

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