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Enrique Galindo
Enrique Galindo
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Startup Weekend Montevideo took place: an event organized all over the world in which local entrepreneurs participate in the process of making a startup in two days. Of course, Xmartlabs was there. In Uruguay, this event was sponsored by ANII, Ingenio and  CUTI. In the whole world, it is sponsored by Google, .co, BizPark, CloudMine, SendGrid and

Startup Weekend Montevideo

Our development team had the great opportunity of working with people from all over the country, learning from the tutors and other developers. It was an awesome experience and the project we worked on eventually won the event!

The winning idea: KEFKE: a whole lot of action happening in the universities. 

Kefke Logo

What is it about?

It is a web platform that allows university students from all over the world to solve real problems, from real organizations, working on projects with academic valor.

How does it work?

An organization logs on the platform and registers a problem which can be seen by students from different countries. Then, students can select a problem and offer themselves to work on a possible solution. In this, the university has the role of validating the academic valor of solving this problem. Finally, after the students finish their job, the organization rate the quality of the solution provided, giving feedback to the people who worked on it.

Why is it different?

KEFKE's main goal is to give true value to the students experience at universities. From a working point of view, KEFKE generates ties between different companies and university students, which may help companies improve their chances of solving their problems. Having the platform global reach, it gives studients from all over the world the opportunity to work for organizatios which might be in a different country.

Enrique and Agustin participated applying all our knowledge and experience to define and develop a functional prototype in less than 24 hours!

There was also a lot of work typical of a startup that is being born: validation of the idea, defining the target audience and possible investors and the definition of the MVP to be shown on the presentation of the idea.

As it happens in most software projects, changes were being suggested all the time as more and more people started to colaborate with the project, giving different ideas and points of view. And all this with the deadline getting closer...

Agustin and Enrique working
Agustín and Enrique working

Agustín giving the talk with the Enrique's assistance

Sara Goldberg, Pablo Brenner and Santiago Gallinal were part of the jury. The staff who organized this event  was composed of different entrepreneurs and people from the CUTI directive.

Staff of the Monvevideo Startup Weekend
Staff of the Monvevideo Startup Weekend

8 different ideas were carried out on the event, having designers, ITs and business people in every team to make them as multi-disciplinary as possible.

The prize won will be used to launch this fantastic idea!

Here is the official post of the CUTI

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